Updated: 7月 12th, 2017

How to Download YouTube Videos to iPad Directly (works fast)

How to download YouTube Videos to iPad or iPhone is, no doubt  – a painful experience. But meet our just released YouTube Downloader for iPad! It’s gonna crush all the recent limitations imposed on YT download.

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We have to admit that we watch tons of YouTube videos on a daily basis! But it requires Internet connection, so we kind of depend on it. To download YouTube videos on iPad – we’ll be using just one application – Softorino YouTube Converter 2.

UPDATE (June 20, 2017) – Softorino has just released its new Softorino YouTube Converter 2. The application lets you download YouTube videos to iPad wirelessly! It also supports any iPhone, iPad or iPod ever created. 

Watch this short video to find out more about this YouTube Downloader for iPad:  

There are many times when you don’t always have Wi-Fi or an Internet connection and you want to watch YouTube offline (e.g. your favourite video blog or a documentary), but there’s no chance to do this.

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You may be in a subway, or you may also want to watch YouTube videos offline on iPad during the airplane trip that takes a great amount of time.  download YouTube videos to iPad

If it sounds sketchy, don’t worry – you have the right to feel skeptical about it. But I’m sure that all your skepticism will vanish away after you see how easy you can download YouTube videos to iPad and play them from your native Videos.app that’s by default on your device! All you have to do is to find the video URL and download it to your iPad for watching it offline later.

What does this mean?

  1. You can use only 1 tool on your Mac desktop to download videos from YouTube to iPad & play them offline.
  2. No need to install additional apps on your device.
  3. Using of native video/music apps developed by Apple is much more battery efficient (awesome!).

The peculiar feature of this software is that it can save audio too. Get further details here: How to Download Songs from YouTube with Softorino YouTube Converter. 

Okay, now without further ado, here’s the guide that will show you how to download your favorite videos from YouTube. 

It consists only of 3 steps:

Step 1. Download Free Softorino YouTube Downloader. 

Download YouTube Converter free
Opens in a new tab

Step 2. Launch it and connect your iPad (or iPhone).

SYC 2 will download YouTube videos to iPhone without iTunes

Step 3. Copy the URL of the video.

Simply go on YouTube and copy the link of the desired video.

Well, right now the application will recognize the video without you pasting the link in there. Once you open it – you’ll notice the file in the downloading list. Be sure – if you copy 10 links more, they all gonna be added to the list on the spot. This lets you download whole playlists simultaneously.

Now please pay your attention to the panel below, there you may choose the quality rate you prefer. It varies from 360p to 2160p. If you have a Mac, then you have an ability to save 60 fps videos. In this case, be sure to read this article: How to download 60fps YouTube videos using just one application.

Copy YouTube's URL to download YouTube videos to iPhone

 **We used iPod Touch in our tutorial, but you can save YouTube to iPad using the same formula.

Download YouTube videos to iPhone by click on Download button

Now, tap on Home Videos folder on your device and play your video 🙂

here's how to download YouTube videos to iPad, iPhone, iPod

In Conclusion:

Using this video vownloader, you can quickly download and watch YouTube offline anywhere. Just get any video on your iOS device, whether its an iPad or iPhone – doesn’t matter! There’s no need to install additional plug-ins, worry about converting the videos beforehand.

 And of course you don’t even need to use iTunes! This allows you to save YouTube to iPad & iPhone for personal viewing extremely fast & easy.

So, what other advantages does this YouTube offline app have?

  • Unlimited downloads
  • Full support for HD videos (it can download the 4K & 60fps videos)
  • Transferring speed is fast (like a bullet)
  • Converting YouTube videos to MP3s (so that you can listen to them as audio)
  • All the downloaded files are availbale from pre-installed Video/Music apps

There are sooooo many times when you find a video or a song that you pretty much fell in love with (and you can’t locate it anywhere on the web except for YouTube). Now with our utility, there’s finally a way to just download YouTube videos to iPad & iPhone and never worry about loosing ‘em.


Now-a-days, downloading YouTube videos for watching them without Internet connection is possible only if you have YouTube Red subscription. But we offer you much easier tool, that has the same (or even more) functions and that is totally free to download. This is finally the solution on how to access YouTube content offline. So we’re hoping you would like and use this tool with pleasure!

So, now downloading videos for offline viewing from YouTube is as easy as it can get (just a click away).











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